Minggu, 21 Februari 2010

Xeno Trainer v2.0.0

Credit To : My friend sora's blog

You Can Use It Without any TooLs just double klik it,
you can fly over the sky.. ^^

link>>download here

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RF Imperialis [PvP / 2.2.3]

RF from USA
Rate : 35x PvP server
PT Skill : 90x
Harga Barang : 5x
Drop : 15x

Game Rules

1. Do not use macro chat for anything else besides /trade chat. Doing so will result in a chat ban.
2. Don't hack. This is the easiest way to get permanently banned here.
3. Do not use /all chat to sell, buy, or trade. This will end up with a chat ban

4. Having anything with '[GM]' ,[AM], [BM] or [CM] in your character name will result in an account ban. No posers here!
5. Keep foreign languages to local, guild, and private chat. Thank you.
6. Please do not be overly vulgar and tasteless with names of guilds and characters as if chosen by the
staff may be forced to be renamed or deleted.
7. If you are a raceleader or a subarchon do not nuke the core where the holy stone keeper is located at any point in time. This will result in a temporary ban.
8. No real money trading will be allowed, expect a permanent ban.
9. Never destroy settlement or portal towers. This will result in a temporary ban.
10. Do not exploit the line-of-sight on portal and settlement towers to get past them, this includes using a summon to tank for you. Expect a temporary ban.
11. Do not put your towers inside of maus In use or not. Do not Hide towers within Siege Lines or inside of walls to make it harder to target. You may put your towers behind pillars and around corners, just don't put them in locations that are near impossible to target. Expect a temporary ban otherwise.
12. You may kill people mining in the core, but do not place turrets inside the core once the holy stone keeper has been set into guard mode for the winning race. The ramp leading into the core does not account for this rule.
13. Players will never be banned for private messaging a player excessively. If you feel they are harassing you, get accustomed to the blocking tool inside the game.
14. You will never be banned for killing someone inside of a pvp game, even if they are your own race and 50 levels higher then you.
15. Never do this from a safezone; debuff, heal, purge or attack with a summon and never exploit a bug that allows you to attack a person standing on a safe zone. This is considered abusing a safezone on this server. Expect a temporary ban.
16. Don't party with people hacking, depending on the situation you may be permanent or temporary banned.
17. Terrain exploited will result in a temporary ban, putting towers inside of a glitched terrain will most likely result in you getting permanently banned. Don't do it.
18. Keyboard smash names are frowned upon here and makes kittens cry. If your name looks like a hacker name, like lllLIlIIllLiiil, expect to be changed to a name like "DumbName22".
19. Do not make fake G v G, You cannot say the other guild has not arrived, when both parties agreed to a set time.The other guild should know what time the G v G was set for, so this looks suspicious. Do not do more then 1 GvG a day. Guild disbandment is in order if reported multiple times.
20. No third party programs. Expect a temporary or permanent ban.
21. Alternative guilds are allowed as sometimes a guild needs to grow beyond 50 members, but please keep your alternative guild above 20 members.
22. Towers are not allowed at any spawn points besides pitboss locations. If there is not a pitboss on the spawn location it is not allowed. Placing Towers next to Safe Zone is also not allowed. If you have to think about if it's to close, your to close. 12 hour ban increments are in order for offenders. Tower layers may place turrets anywhere they please as long as it is not underneath a mau or an untargetable object to obstruct targeting, inside of a terrain in which it was glitched to, or on a spawn point that players are hit before being completely loaded into the map. Never put a tower inside the Chip Controller. This will Definitely get you a temp ban.
23. All +6 upgraded gear must be video recorded and uploaded to proof legitimacy "regardless of level".

Full Client : download here
Game CP : Here

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Jumat, 07 Agustus 2009

Server Venus RF indo

tools for server Venus RF_Indo.

download server venus RF

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Jumat, 20 Maret 2009

RF Online Free Game Client

Size: 1.48GB
Downloads: 459,358
Hosted since: October 16, 2007, 4:05 pm
RF Online is an entirely 100% FREE-to-PLAY MMORPG with NO monthly subscriptions. RF Online is one of the biggest and most expansive FREE-to-PLAY massively multiplayer online games ever created and includes all of the games recent FREE content expansions. Enter this epic mix of traditional fantasy meets unique futuristic sci-fi action bringing an entirely new and original take on the existing MMORPG genre.
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Set in a deep space galaxy known as Novus, take your pick from three all-powerful warring factions leading your character into the final battle for total control over the entire galaxy culminating in daily faction versus faction battles on an epic scale like never seen before. To play RF Online download the 100% FREE GAME and create an account at www.rf-onlinegame.com

Downloadable Client

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Kamis, 19 Maret 2009

Free Download Cheat RF Online

Hi guys, here I want to share with you. I have a lot of cheats tutorial which is I found its in some Indonesian Gamers Forum such as Nyit-Nyit, Kaskus, Yogyafree, etc. And I want to share its with you. These cheats is for RF Online Indonesia and some part of them is for RF Online Private Server such as RF POA, RF Blitz, etc. These Cheats are free guys !!! Here is the list of the Cheats tutorial for RF Online, let's check it out !!!

1. 3.3 ASPD Laucher
2. FlyHack
3. Blink Move
4. Untradeable items can be tradeable
5. Level 1 Hora Weapon
6. and so many more.

All these cheats tutorial is written by using Englilsh and some part is written by using Indonesian. So, I hope you can enjoy its guy ^.^ Okay, How to Download the Cheats Tutorial for RF Online ? You just need to click the link below.

Download Cheats Tutorial for RF Online

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